The Classick 12 Days of Christmas – 2017

This year each writer/artist had their own video to promote on social media. The 12 days were extended to 14. All videos can be viewed below:

Chino BYI

Ribs Gak
Image of Ribs gak - canvas

Toper BBT
Image of Toper bbt - canvas

Gouch NKC
Image of gouch nkc - canvas

Ojae FYC
Image of ojae fyc - canvas

YesOne YTS
Image of yesone yts - prints

Rnone HC
Image of rnone hc - canvas

Vers 718
Image of vers 718

Slash FTR
Image of slash ftr - canvas pt. 1

Dek 2DX
Image of Dek 2dx

Paid MSD
Image of paid msd - fill ins

2esae UR NY
Image of 2esae ur ny

Chris RWK
Image of chris rwk

Dune FUK
Image of dune fuk - canvas